A drawing of Lynslayer's persona (a woman with a sun for a head). Additional information written in the image includes "Lynsey (or Lyn)", "#GamerGirl", and "she/her".


you've found the personal website of Lynsey "Lynslayer" Hagen. welcome to my humble little corner of the internet!

im a freelance illustrator who also explores storytelling through various types of personal projects. in my free time, i indulge in a steady diet of video games, anime, and random YouTube videos, always delighted to share my favorite finds for more people to appreciate

if you're interested in hiring me for a freelance project, please feel free to reach out to me at lynslayerart(at)gmail(dot)com

if you're interested in getting a private commission, you can check out my commission page

only perceive this site on desktop, it's NOT optimized for mobile At All


great art program that you can get for a one-time payment (for the desktop version at least)! it's got everything i need to efficiently draw, plus 5000 other features completely alien to me. if you're looking for a solid art program that handles both illustration and comics pretty well, this one is my preferred software

LOOOOVE these Clip Studio brushes. there's so many good texture-y brushes here out of the Hundreds included. this pack costs money but it's well worth it, like 99% of the brushes i use are from this thing.

plus you get free updates for life!!

drawing tablet that i've been using for years now (mine's an older model than what's linked here). it's solid, works fine, wacom just overcharges for literally all of their tablets. haven't had any problems using it, but if you're looking for something cheaper, i've heard Huion has good tablets?? i've never used one myself so you'd have to look into reviews

a godsend for my sweaty hands. once you wear one you'll wonder how you survived before

i own two different drawing gloves and the one linked here is definitely my favorite of the two

this little program is such a hidden gem. basically, it lets you map keybinds to controllers, so i use this bad boy to map Clip Studio keybinds to one of my joycons, which works SURPRISINGLY well as a little keyboard shortcut device??
way nicer than using my keyboard

if you wanna make sure that your monitor's colors are accurate to what they'll look like in print, this little device is REALLY useful. idk how it compares to similar products, since this is the only monitor calibration device i've used, but it makes my monitors look WAY nicer than when i used to calibrate them by hand



JULY 12, 2022

the website is officially launched!
it's a bit simple, but i had to teach myself HTML and CSS from scratch so im proud of what i managed to pull off


now Lynslayer.com! this move was inspired by my desire to not pay for my Squarespace portfolio site anymore (moved my portfolio to this site babey!!)

SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

big site redesign! i got tired of how simple and Kinda Ugly the original site looked, so hopefully this new design is a little less That

Website Background Texture: Freepik "Engraving hand drawn pattern collection"