JUNE 6 2023

hello and welcome to my "first" blog post (real OGs remember when this site had a blog for the first five seconds of its life)

im not compelled to blog really much at all, but i figured i could use this to post quick progress updates on whatever projects im currently working on. which means! you don't have to depend on my social media for those kinds of updates anymore! another win for Personal Website Independence!

i've been a bit silent online for the past few months, but that's just bc i've been slowly working on a new personal project and haven't really had anything shareable from it yet :^) but uhhh i've been writing! i got the first draft of this thing done!

this is my first time using Scrivener and now i understand why all my writer friends love this software. imagine being able to write but Also... Keep Everything Easily Organized?? wild concept

well, that's literally all i've got to share so far. rest assured that I Am Working On Something

(also, you can right click on blog images and open them in a new tab to see them at their full resolution. not the most exciting image here to test that out on but y'know the images work better now)