OCT. 13 2023

hello gamers! dropping a quick Visual Novel Project update here!

over the past month and a half i've made a tiny bit of progress! the timing on my initial VN announcement ended up being a little silly bc afterwards i Immediately dumped all my focus into redesigning this website. and then after finishing the redesign i immediately went on a short vacation LMAO

but hey! all that stuff's out of the way now so i should have more time to focus on my VN!!
so far i've mostly made progress with designing the game's textbox (and in-game menu)

woaw, look at that first real attempt at a General Layout. ultimately i didn't like how spread out everything was, and i thought it might be annoying for the reader to have to look down at the bottom left each time to see the character's name

also people who regularly do coding have my infinite respect. figuring out how to reposition Any Individual Element made me want to burst into tears but i've been sooo strong and brave

and here's where im currently at with the textbox! i still need to figure out the colors and adjust a couple minor things, but overall i think im satisfied with what i got! graphic design is not my passion but as long as the text is easily legible and the menu buttons are Hopefully intuitive then i think this design should be more than serviceable!

that's all i got to share so far! i know a Textbox Update isn't the flashiest thing in the world but golly if it ain't honest work