Adventure Time

boy howdy i was INTO this show back in high school. great formula of Goofy Fun Little Fantasy Adventures with tons of Goofy Little Weirdo Characters that was always a treat to sit down and Enjoy.
it has a great balance between lots of stupid adventures and some genuinely touching character development (Marceline and Ice King still make me SAD). it's also really fun to see the writers/storyboarders come up with this random fantasy world and slowly flesh it out (make it up) as they go along, like they were perpetually stumbling into really intriguing world building

this show also Appeals to me bc as it went on, the seasons got progressively More Surreal and that's the kind of shit i eat up

Avatar: The Last Airbender

what can i even say about Avatar that hasn't already been said a hundred times???

Very Good Show, great characters, nuanced and intriguing world, cool magic system, It's Got It All!!
the first season does start off a bit Goofy Kids' Show which, fair, it is in fact a kids' show, but as the story goes on it develops into such a compassionate and nuanced exploration of the horrors of war, focusing a lot on how common people suffer under it

idk if you haven't watched it at this point you should like, fix that

Bee and Puppycat

i like, Vaguely kept up with this show when it was first coming out on Youtube, but i only watched a few episodes and promptly forgot about it. then the Netflix release jumped me out of nowhere and i was like OKAY OKAY OKAY i should probably actually sit down and watch this thing

and i really liked this show! being a like, pretty chill slice of life magical girl thing, it was the perfect show to watch when i just wanted to sit back and relax. all the characters are charming and the dialogue has this like, casual vibe to it that really made it feel like (relatively) normal people conversing in a kinda not normal world


Worthikids is such a huge inspiration for me bc like, this guy is out here making whatever silly little animations tickles his fancy and he OWNS at it. he can go out there and make a little series about employees of a clown-themed food truck and their food-themed adventures and im just sitting there watching it like dang..... if he can follow his passion So Can I.......

watch it here!

Close Enough

Regular Show but for 30-something millennial parents

like straight up watching this show was like being teleported back to high school watching Regular Show, except im an adult now. the hijinks are slightly more grounded than Regular Show?? but it's like the same flavor of humor just now the whole cast is a bunch of struggling millennials

also appreciate that the main married couple actually feels like a couple, they are Two Adults Who Actually Genuinely Like Each Other and are comfortable being goofy together and with their kid

Craig of the Creek

i'll admit, i avoided checking out this show for a while bc it seemed very Children's Show™
which like, it for sure is, but im very pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoy it as an Adult Viewer!

all the characters feel like goofy children in a way that's endearing instead of annoying, and it's very fun to witness all their silly antics in their Children Creek Society that they've built. like the creek looks so cool and fun?? like they got their own Candy Trading Economy, they got Horse Girl Meadows and Ninja Kids Waterfall and all these other territories that all the different friend groups hang out in

Dexter's Laboratory

it was hard thinking of shows to add to this list bc like, a lot of cartoons i've watched were back when i was a kid and bro I Don't Remember Shit About Fuck. like did any of those age well? would i still enjoy them as an adult? Who Knows!!

but Dexter's Lab was a show that popped in my mind where i was like "yeah, y'know what, i remember that one being good! i think i'd still like it!" and i have been rewatching it now and like Yeah It's Still Pretty Good Comedy! every once in a while it'll show its age, but overall i love watching this bully-able nerd child bicker with his ballerina jock sister. also COMPLETELY forgot that The Justice Friends were a part of this show and not like, their own completely separate thing


ENA captures the exact feeling of like, having a weird surreal dream based off of a video game where every single location and interaction is obviously wonky. i love the vibes! also Ena has a really cool design can we give it up for her

watch it here!

Gravity Falls

now here's a show that's held up preddy well. it's like!! still a super hilarious show!! the characters got that Endearing Charm that makes all their wacky antics incredibly fun to witness, with Mabel and Dipper being really endearing siblings, altho Dipper i need you to stop being a cringefail boy child smh 😔 also the overall plot is Intriguing, building up this Enticing Mystery over the course of the show

idk what else to say bc at this point i feel like i'll just be repeating myself, show's fun and the writing's good! i love the characters!!

you also KNOW this show is powerful if it birthed one of the most baffling Tumblr Sexymen around

Infinity Train

i diagnose you with Watch Infinity Train
i really! really! like this show!! it's basically an anthology series where each season is its own contained story that takes place upon the titular Train That Is Infinite. Book 1 has a good mystery, Book 2 has MT, Book 3 has some REAL stinky characters (compliment), and Book 4 is there. the writing isn't flawless, but it's tight and compelling with nuanced characters, and there were some scenes where i was like "holy fuck they allowed this in a kids' show???"

Personal Opinion Corner: i didn't enjoy Book 4 😔 i could see what they were trying to do with the story but i ultimately found the execution boring

The Legend of Pipi

pipi is simply Just A Little Guy but oh so valiantly goes on a quest to save a princess!!

very silly short film that parodies the whole Your Princess Is In Another Castle trope to like a really goofy extent

watch it here!


there is no crueler injustice in the world than Motorcity being cancelled after its first season 😔

this show RIPS!!! if you want some Extremely stylish car driving action, this show's got you covered.
it takes places in a future Detroit where a Rich People Metropolis is built on top of old Detroit. citizens are banned from owning automobiles, but that's not gonna stop The Burners from hopping into their sick whips and fighting for everyone's freedom!! the show's got SUCH a good style, i love to look at it with my eyes. really wish we could've seen what they had planned for the rest of the story :'^)

also to the surprise of literally no one who knows me, The Duke is my favorite character

Over the Garden Wall

im so glad that it's a yearly tradition for so many people to sit down comfy cozy and rewatch this show when the autumn colors return to us

just.... what a wonderfully atmospheric show. two brothers lost in the woods of a distinctly rustic americana Unknown, a children's show but genuinely chilling and unsettling between its many moments of goofy humor. a gorgeous soundtrack that evokes a nostalgia for an era long before i was born. and the background art?? good god is it gorgeous, i want that amount of artistic power someday

i just!! really love this show!! everyone should watch it!!!


SHAKES EVERYONE BY THEIR SHOULDERS why does nobody listen to me!! watch this show!!!
if you like stylish brutal action then This Is The Perfect Show For You!

intoxicating primal violence sprinkled with moments of touching compassion and sorrow...
caring for one another within the brutality of a vicious world....
Good Fucken Action Babey!!!

the last episode of season 2 is a classic Genndy Fumble but overall the show's great

Regular Show

another show i loved back in high school babey!!

this is perhaps the ultimate Dudes Being Bros show out there. love to see a couple of slacker dudes accidentally start a domino effect that leads to the most bonkers Situations the world has ever seen every single episode. Mordecai needs to be bullied even more tho bc the people aren't lying when they say that he's one of the biggest simps ever invented (perhaps the only cartoon simp that surpasses his down bad energies is Boss from Hamtaro). thankfully that doesn't stop this show from (mostly) being a goofy little respite to sit back and relax to after a long day

Samurai Jack

this one actually Isn't a nostalgia pick! i watched this show for the first time as an adult!
im genuinely surprised that the show was allowed to exist in its form--it's a kids' show with lots of Fun Action but also with a lot of slow, dialogue-less scenes
i also LOVE the art direction, i kept on staring at the (im guessing gouache??) background art and just being like "wow look at those pretty shapes"

unfortunately the final season Sucks Major Ass, the first half is fine but the second half was a painful slog to get thru 😔 biggest fumble i've seen in a while, Genndy shoulda just left the show alone

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated

the Scooby-Doo cartoon where they actually made the show Scooby-Doo interesting. and im ALLOWED to have this opinion bc i grew up watching the crusty OG Scooby-Doo. this show is actually funny!! and it has an actual story!! they made Freddie into maybe the funniest character in any show ever, the poor guy just really loves to build traps :(

i will say, i did try rewatching this show a bit ago and i forgot how like literally Every Single Non-White Character is a racial stereotype. like EVERY single one. it's so bad that this show even manages the impossible feat of being racist towards a white man

Totally Spies

purely a nostalgia pick here babey!!

truly a show chemically engineered for Girl Children™ bc as a kid i wanted to BE these cool spy girls so bad. they had such cool gadgets!! i remember pretending that my Everyday Objects were actual secret spy tools and feeling soooo cool

unfortunately the first thing that pops into my head when i think of Totally Spies now is,,,,, that list of the fifty billion fetishes that were stuffed into the show,,,,,, (altho it is funny that like, half of that list is just The Girls In Different Outfits)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

this movie came out on my birthday so it might've been fate
CONFESSION: im not into Spiderman at all. idk shit about his lore beyond the obvious Cultural Osmosis knowledge (and whatever fragments of knowledge i've retained from watching the Tobey Maguire movies as a kid). im here PURELY for the aesthetics okay!!!

this movie looks SO good, the mix of 2D and 3D animation is super stylish!! gun to my head i couldn't recount what most of the plot was but leave me alone this shit's eye candy

SpongeBob SquarePants

you probably haven't heard of it, but there's this little indie darling called Spongebob Squarepants??

look, i legitimately have no clue what the spongeboy is up to these days, but the first three seasons of this show are still some of the best goofy comedy out there. every once in a while i'll boot up my dvd of season 3 and be constantly blown away by how consistently charming and funny the show is. and the cartooning is so expressive! like they love to go ham with the facial expressions! and all the characters got such exploitable dynamics, like they put any two characters together and they're immediately mining comedy gold. this show got big for a reason!!

Steven Universe

i really like Steven Universe!! i know there's been a bit of Discourse™ about this show over the years, but i really appreciate what this show set out to do. obviously it's not perfect, there's some episodes and character arcs that didn't come together great, but overall i think this show became something very special. the creators wanted to gift a show that they wish they had as kids to the kids of today, with characters that reflect their own identities and experiences, and they packaged all of that in a heartfelt, empathetic, optimistic story. they fought HARD to add the representation that they wanted in this show, and i don't think that should be downplayed just bc they didn't get everything Absolutely Perfect or bc it's a kids' show that sometimes simplifies very complex topics and themes. im glad that there's kids out there who got to grow up with this show