The Date by Ochechula

a short comic featuring some charming and expressive art that really complements the growing ridiculousness of this Date Emergency!

read it here!

Don't Go Without Me by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

a triptych of short comics full of surreal melancholy, gentle contemplation, and tastey limited palettes

"Two lovers get separated on a night out in a parallel dimension.
A ship that runs on memories malfunctions in the dead of space.
A giant prophesied to wake from its centuries-long slumber beneath the sea."

the middle comic, What Is Left, is my personal favorite :3

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Food School by Jade Armstrong

if you like slice-of-lifes but Also like stories of personal struggle but Also enjoy all that being wrapped up in a comedic bow, this story is the eating disorder flavor of that! its goofy exploration of a heavy topic feels steeped in personal experience, the author sprinkling around everyday moments of ED struggles without it ever feeling either like a pitying melodrama or like it's been scrubbed clean to appeal to everyone

currently doesn't look like this comic is available anywhere, i'll update this whenever that changes

HOURGLASS by Barbara Mazzi

growing older is super lame and grody right?? what if we had the HOURGLASS to fix that problem for (some of) us! <3 all you have to do is maintain its nest of cogs and gears and we'll all be fine

an interesting exploration of a Definitely Healthy Society with some delightfully expressive art

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Icy Copper by Toivoshi

firmly locks Copper in a chokehold and noogies him

this comic's got it all babey!! great art! main character who's kind of a grump! interesting and unique fantasy worldbuilding! Them's People Can Shapeshift Into Aminals!

Copper hates being cringe (he can't shapeshift) but do you know what he hates more? his mom's money being stolen!! get back here you sketchy little girl!!! hey why is everything frozen now

read it here!

It Never Happened Again by Sam Alden

Sam Alden's comics are def an aesthetic fav of mine

i love the scribbly confidence of his pencilwork--there's a charm to his mark making that i find very tantalizing, his usage of bold shadows especially catching my eye

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JON by Gale Galligan

accomplishes the impossible task of making Jon Arbuckle a likable AND relatable person.
the focus on his comics career is honestly really cute and wholesome 😭

read JON 1! and read JON 2!

Kingfisher by Rowan MacColl

what if two dudes found a funny little box.... and they were ROOMMATES........

so far a VERY solid occult mystery adventure!! you got the mystery of What The Fuck Is This Box, you got a likeable cast of characters with great chemistry (some are even little stinkers), and you got The Art. expressive, not fiddly with making overly-clean lines, and fun usage of both hatching and black fills. it's the kind of art style that just makes a lot of sense for the Long Slog that is making a webcomic without sacrificing art quality

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Kochab by Sarah Webb

sometimes you get lost in the woods in the heart of winter and stave off death with a chance meeting with a fire girl :3

a relatively short and sweet story with Winter Melancholy, General Melancholy, and good art with Very Pretty Colors. even tho i hate the cold im always a sucker for winter aesthetics

read it here!

Little Tunny's Snail Diaries by Grace Gogarty

i've been a fan of Little Tunny's work for a while, especially their autobio comics, so when i heard that they had a physical collection of their comics Of Course i had to get it. the cartooning is charming in a grotesquely expressive kind of way, highlighting the hilarity of (weird) everyday encounters. and you can read all of these comics for free thru their social media!

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The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen

Tiến, the child of Vietnamese immigrants, loves his parents but struggles with how to come out as gay to them bc of their language barrier

they bridge this divide thru the shared lexicon of fairy tales; different cultures have their own versions of the same tales, familiar archetypes taking on the flavors of their regions. it's a heartwarming approach to a child and parent connecting with one another, each of them able to see themselves in certain stories and using the power of spoken storytelling to reach out where their own words fail them

Martyr Youth by Alain Grey

some kids set out to make a provocative name for themselves in the sordid Los Angeles punk scene. while the story is kinda edgy with its Sex and Drugs, it's less edgy just for the sake of being edgy and more edgy in an attempt to authentically depict the scene it's exploring

this webcomic is unfortunately Super Dead, but it's nice that we can get a glimpse into what it was striving for. i'd take a cancelled webcomic over a non-existant one any day

read it here!

Merry Christmas from The Family by Marcy Molly "Bones" Jones

short comic about visiting family for the holidays While Trans

doesn't look like it's online anymore, but it's from this anthology

a mime walks into a bar by bothpalms

aesthetic surreal fav time babey!!

what if a mime walked into a bar but they might be a stranger

read it here!

Of Thunder and Lightning by Kimberly Wang

we love war! and we adore our idol-supersoldiers who fight for our glory live on television!

good art, teenage girls used as weapons, Capitalism™, it's got it all babey!

sometimes two girls gotta beat the shit out of each other for the greater good y'know

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Rain Dance: An Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke by Phyllocactus

i used to read A Lot of nuzlocke comics back in the day, but i don't really feel like overwhelming this section with a bunch of Pokemon Fanfiction™, so i've chosen one (1) comic that has stuck in my mind.
Rain Dance has a unique premise for a nuzlocke, following a young girl as she tries to survive thru a massive natural disaster. if you're familiar with the Hoenn games, it's really cool to see how Phyllocactus took the games' extremely basic story and molded it into a very different tale.
unfortunately the comic was cancelled relatively early in the story, but that's pretty normal in the webcomic world. we must simply be thankful for the taste of it that we were gifted 😔🙏
read it here!

RHAPSODIE #1: The Conductor by Maddi Gonzalez

the first installment in a (planned) series of short horror stories!

i LOVE Maddi Gonzalez's cartooning, the inking is so crisp and expressive. really helps push the Musical Horror of this story

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SISYPHUS by Juan Gee

a short comic created for an OCT (Original Character Tournament), featuring gorgeous art and an oppressive atmosphere

read it here!

Sleepless Domain by Mary Cagle

i appreciate this webcomic for delving into the darker corners of the magical girl formula without being eye-rollingly edgy or insipidly derivative. it's obvious from reading this comic that Mary Cagle loves magical girl stories, and uses that passion to craft an intriguing exploration of a society that relies fairly heavily on their own magical girlies

good characters, good mysteries, good Pain, we love to see it

read it here!

Snotgirl by Bryan Lee O'Malley and Leslie Hung

one of my greatest desires for the world is to see more media featuring women who suck, and Snotgirl heard my plea and handed me garbage women on a silver platter. Lottie (or, heh.... Snottie) is a fashion blogger influencer woman living in bustling LA. while she exudes a perfect fashionable image to the public, she's actually a shitty garbage woman with horrible pollen allergies.
Lottie meets super cool ultra fashionable Caroline and she's so excited to have a new bestie!! but wait oh shit Caroline just died in front of her? or wait she didn't?? hey girl what's going on there???

figure out the mystery of What The Fuck Is Going On while witnessing a bunch of awful fashion influencer woman personalities clash together

Stages of Rot by Linnea Sterte

this comic's appealing to me bc every time i turn a page im like "Woaw.... Cool World......"

witness an alien desert come to life as a giant whale's carcass provides the ecosystem with tons upon tons of rotting flesh. a largely silent comic where you get to sit back and witness Good Art, Nice Colors, and Cool Creatures. love a work that gives me a neat natural world to explore

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Two Gay Little Animals Go to Brunch by Anatola Howard

Anatola Howard has some of THE most expressive and charming cartooning i've seen in my life

their characters ooze with delightful personality, immediately endearing themselves to you with goofy facial expressions and charming dialogue

read it here!

Untitled by icamebyunicorn

cute Very Short comic about an adorable fawn and a robot

read it here!

What Happens Next by Max Graves

never have i EVER read something that encapsulates the deranged energies of Terminally Online Classic Tumblr more than this comic. it takes the psyches of tumblr teens who were given too much unrestricted access to other tumblr teens who don't know how to healthily process and cope with what's going on in their lives and takes it to such a captivating theoretical extreme

read it here!

Yellowcake by millionfish

i don't know that much about Metal Gear Solid so this fan comic is 100% an aesthetic fav of mine.
the art jumps around a bunch of different styles, some more abstract than the last, concocting a true feast for the eyes. wish i could say Anything of substance about the visual storytelling but I Simply Have No Gamer Knowledge Of What's Going On (my biggest apologies to Mr. Solid Snake)

read it here!