ADG7 - Such is Life

also known as 악단광칠, ADG7 has a very fun mix of traditional korean music with contemporary musical sensibilities

definitely check out some of their live performances, they have such a charming stage presence!


Akira Kosemura - In The Dark Woods

if you need an album that's got the perfect Chill Beautiful Piano Melodies To Study To then boy do i have the music for you!

FAV SONG: Between The Trees

Alias Conrad Coldwood - Crying Girls

Alias Conrad Coldwood is best known for composing the OFF soundtrack (which is, in fact, a huge banger) but he also releases some original tunes every once in a great while! according to the official upload "Crying Girls is a compilation of a few tracks I kept on my hard drive for the past ten years"

FAV SONG: Constructive Blues
                     [Full Album Download]

The Antlers - Familiars

UUUGGGHHHH I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH...... moody! melancholy ambience! mournful wailing trumpets! it's got everything i love!! The Antlers are most known for Hospice (which is also a good album) but this album DOES something for me

FAV SONG: Revisited

As Tall as Lions - You Can't Take It With You

good solid indie rock. their early music sounded kind of generic, but they really started coming into their own with this album (and their previous album). thankfully they,,, broke up after this album,,,,,,, :')

FAV SONG: Circles

Black Dresses - Peaceful as Hell

cheeky electro-industrial-noise-pop-genre-genre about loneliness and self-loathing and how the world is scary but also.... i have my friends! ....and maybe that makes it all worth it!


bo en - pale machine

british weeb shit

FAV SONG: pale machine

Bohren & der Club of Gore - Piano Nights

chill ambient jazz that really makes you Feel like a noir detective taking a long drag on their cigarette as they look out their window down at their grimy, rainy city at night

FAV SONG: Ganz leise kommt die Nacht


gorgeous, quiet, contemplative soundscapes (there are some songs here that like to Party too). scintillating technology shuttled you to outerspace, but it has long since fallen away, leaving you to float amongst the splendor of the stars all alone


Clarence Clarity - No NOW

random youtube comment: "This sounds like if the Backstreet Boys got addicted to huffing paint and locked themselves in a neon basement for two years living off of only freezer cheesecakes and dried apples"

FAV SONG: Those Who Can't, Cheat

Cuushe - Red Rocket Telepathy

listened to this album so much when i was writing essays in college. Extremely Chill Vibes, the songs have a sort of airy quality to them? music for looking out your window towards a distant, dilapidated city, a small pang of nostalgic melancholy flickering in your heart


Death Grips - The Money Store

i approach you at a party, my arm brushing against yours, my breath crawling down your neck. "oh, so you like music?" i give a little chuckle. "well, im a bit of an musichead myself. now, there's this one artist that's real good, real visionary, you probably haven't heard of them." i begin pulling an album out of my polo shirt. "Death Grips? ever heard of them? you see, their album The Money Sto

FAV SONG: Hacker

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks

a concept musical broken up into three acts on three separate albums. REAL good singing and you got everything from Cheesy Musical Tunes to Wow That's A Fucking Banger. and no, i don't have any clue what the story of this musical is supposed to be, i simply just vibe to it

FAV SONG: Maximilian Von Spee

Evanescence - The Open Door

oh yeah babey now here's a Nostalgic Fav. after all these years this album still goes hard, there's such a haunting beauty to these orchestral metal tracks, and Amy Lee's voice brings so much gorgeous power to it all

FAV SONG: Lithium

Glass Animals - ZABA

i've enjoyed all of Glass Animals' albums, but ZABA is still king to me. it's just such a moody boppin Jungle Vibes album and sometimes it's got funny animal sounds off in the distance


Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

we all know the Gorillaz at this point right?? those british VTubers sure can make some nice popular alt tunes. also Snoop Dogg is here

FAV SONG: Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)

Guppy - Guppyloid: World Tour

Guppy spontaneously emerged from the ether and gave us one of the most banger Vocaloid albums of all time

FAV SONG: Nosebleeder

Hayley Westenra - Pure

i first heard Hayley Westenra while playing the OG Endless Ocean--her gorgeous, pure voice was the perfect backdrop for scuba diving amongst the fishies

FAV SONG: River of Dreams

Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon

submerges you in the border between Chill and Groovin, sinking down, down, down into a half-conscious trance

FAV SONG: Borderline with My Atoms

Hundred Waters - Hundred Waters

this album's hard for me to describe,,,, it's like walking thru a misty, alien forest enshrouded in a great yawning cavern, with an ethereal vocalist who lifts you up into the clouds

FAV SONG: Boreal

inabakumori - WEATHER STATION

the singular big Vocaloid producer i can think of who regularly uses Kaai Yuki. a lot of the songs got the same sort of chill-boppin vibe but it's a Good Vibe so we are thankful

FAV SONG: Lagtrain

Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady

a continuation of Monáe's Metropolis concept series, which im the worst person to ask what it's about bc i don't usually really pay attention to lyrics in music LMAO please forgive me for my transgressions.
i simply enjoy these soul-jazz-gospel-funk-reggae-genre-genre tunes okay!!

FAV SONG: Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)

Jill Barber - Chansons

obscenely french music

FAV SONG: La Javanaise

Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation

Miss Bonito can make being british sound cute and pop-y and kitschy-charming and that is extremely powerful of her

FAV SONG: Lipslap

KikuoHana - Act 2

im a big fan of Kikuo's Vocaloid music, but i decided to go with this album bc good god the mix of Kikuo's unique/unsettling soundscapes and Hanatan's powerful voice is intoxicating

FAV SONG: Owari Kigan

Kings of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Street

obscenely chill easy listening. lay down, kick your legs up, drift away on the gentle strumming of guitar

FAV SONG: The Build Up

Knower - Life

goofy shitpost of a band that makes some absolute electro-funky bangers


Laura Mvula - Sing to the Moon

the vibes i get from a lot of these songs is Triumphant Happiness

FAV SONG: Like the Morning Dew

Louis Cole - Time

watch out im fuckin SCHMOOVIN over here!!!

FAV SONG: Weird Part of the Night

Low Roar - Low Roar

WHIPS ON MY HIPSTER GLASSES uhhhh i liked Low Roar before they were cool?? B^)
this is one of my All-Time Favorite Albums, it's got such a like, Winter-y Melancholic Ambience to it that i love to sink my whole body into

FAV SONG: Patience


EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR jesus christ couldn't even fit the whole title.
anyways i gotta be in a specific mood where i wanna have my brain scooped out by a spoon to listen to this album. perfect album for that mood tho. there are Many Sounds happening at Very Fast Intervals

FAV SONG: うずまき

Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

sugary smooth indie pop that makes my brain go brrrrr

lush production, smooth transitions, i am bopping in these pop soundscapes

FAV SONG: Hysterical Us

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

crawling around grimy city streets at the dead of night in your claustrophobic sports car, unspeakable crimes poisoning your lips. don't get caught

FAV SONG: Inertia Creeps

Mili - Millennium Mother

very solid indie pop, with some songs having a bold mix of pop sensibilities with classical vibes that works Really Well. also the vocalist can sing in like three or four different languages?? quite frankly im terrified of their power

FAV SONG: (you) ;

Mitchie M - Virtual Popstar

extremely upbeat Vocaloid pop. Mitchie M is known for his god-tier tuning, Miku sounds so realistic she could reach thru my screen and kill me at any moment

FAV SONG: News 39

Mitski - Be the Cowboy

first time i heard a Mitski song was actually a video edit of Garfield dancing to Nobody, so whenever i hear that song now im just sitting there like Fuck It Up Garfield!!

FAV SONG: Washing Machine Heart

Mogwai - Rock Action

some good kinda-chill-sometimes post-rock chunes

FAV SONG: Take Me Somewhere Nice

muship - Cradle

playful Vocaloid music that the producer describes as "dark kawaii" and, Yeah that's accurate

FAV SONG: Childhood

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade


FAV SONG: The Sharpest Lives

THE NOVEMBERS - Hallelujah

japanese shoegaze babey!! rock out!!!!

FAV SONG: 愛はなけなし

Ólafur Arnalds - For Now I am Winter

chill, somber winter vibes. be careful not to fall asleep out in the snow

FAV SONG: Old Skin


nu-disco that fuckin RIPS!!!! get up and groove with me!! get funky!!!

FAV SONG: ワンダードライブ

PinocchioP - LOVE

PinocchioP out here making some Good Vocaloid Pop Chunes

FAV SONG: Nee Nee Nee

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

i grew up listening to some of their Hit Singles, which were mostly typical heavy rock for the time, but this later album's got a certain flavor to it that i find more tantalizing. album that makes you see a vampire out of the corner of your eye whenever you're not quite safe

FAV SONG: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Red Velvet - The Perfect Red Velvet

i haven't actually listened to much kpop, but i imagine that kpop is like the music equivalent of popping candy into your mouth

FAV SONG: All Right

The Reign of Kindo - Play with Fire

baller jazzy indie rock that makes me wanna grab everyone i know and dance together in the street


S. Carey - Range of Light

ah... this is pretty chill... i think i'll sit back for a moment and SNZZZZZZZZZZZZ

FAV SONG: Glass/Film

sasakure.UK - The Fantastic Diagram of Futuristic Playdreams

Vocaloid music that turns you into a tiny satellite floating thru space

FAV SONG: Patchwork Eden

Shanghai Restoration Project - Life Elsewhere

very playful jazzy tunes featuring the dulcet tones of Zhang Le
(also listen to their other albums bc they all got their unique charms)

FAV SONG: Illusion of Me

Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Egospect

bedroom recording but if you snuck in some instruments from your local high school band. interesting rhythms, folksy harmonies, and a charming amount of audio crunch

FAV SONG: Egospect

Snowmine - Laminate Pet Animal

sort of rock-ish indie pop with Tastey Winter Vibes! also that album art rips

FAV SONG: This One

Speak - Pedals

really good indie synthpop! i don't have anything smart to say beyond that just listen to them!!

FAV SONG: Mystery Lights

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell

Anthem of Autumn Depression. gentle, contemplative strumming of the guitar. a voice near a whisper. This Music Sure Can Sad

FAV SONG: Fourth of July

Sufjan Stevens, et al. - Planetarium

Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner, and James McAlister come together to craft a sort of solar system space opera that shifts from one celestial body's presence to the next

FAV SONG: Jupiter

Tatsuro Yamashita - Pocket Music

80s japanese city-pop pioneering legend!! music that injects happiness directly into your veins and makes you get up and groove!!

FAV SONG: 土曜日の恋人

Tool - Lateralus

im a dad who's just sighted you wearing a Foo Fighters t-shirt at the family barbeque and i will inform you who is actually the best band of all time

FAV SONG: Schism

UNKLE - The Road: Part 1

im super not articulate when talking about music, and this album especially is hard for me to say anything beyond "wow this is well produced and sounds preddy nice." idk it's good music!! just trust me on this one!!

FAV SONG: Cowboys or Indians

Wye Oak - Shriek

a friend once described this album as "visiting an abandoned Atlantis and finding out it's a big shut down Wawa" and, yeah. i can't think of a more accurate way to describe it

FAV SONG: The Tower

Yoko Kanno - Terror in Resonance OST

i told myself i wasn't going to add any soundtracks to this list but like. how could i Not add at least one Yoko Kanno Banger to the mix. the anime itself is Okay (upon rewatch i found the writing to be kinda lacking) but i could listen to this OST all day


ミラクルミュージカル - Hawaii: Part II

this Musical may, in fact, be a Miracle
(i don't have anything smart to say beyond it's Good Music)

FAV SONG: White Ball

暁Records - LIMITED SINGLES season 3

Akatsuki Records is perhaps the most powerful Touhou music group out there. im absolutely in love with Stack's singing, she has Powerful Gremlin Energies backed up by a genuinely really good voice. def recommend listening to a few songs, they do a variety of genres and they all got Energies (and it was really hard for me to choose only one song)

FAV SONG: Bloody Dancin' Party Night ~ Squeeze and Pop! ♥

潘PAN - Humans Become Machines

ethereal chinese rap that sometimes chooses to relentlessly hunt you down thru a seedy, winding, flickering outerspace alleyway

FAV SONG: Humans Become Machines