DEC. 18 2023

gamers: it's another VN Progress Update

Not Gonna Lie, i feel like some sort of trickster god has been conspiring against me the last quarter of this year. i've been dealing with Hard To Narrow Down PC Issues, where it randomly freezes/crashes multiple times a week (i've been using my old senior citizen laptop in the meantime) (currently on my second attempt at getting one of my PC parts replaced under warranty), and last week i finally succumbed to covid (i'd avoided catching it for so long 😩). so basically: VN progress continues to be slower than anticipated

but! that doesn't mean there hasn't been progress!!

look at that! breathtaking placeholder art!

a lot my progress since last blog post has been Boring Coding Stuff--mostly coding sprite changes and basic animations into the script. it's given me a nice framework to easily plop finished sprites into, but the coding itself was Tedious and Not Very Flashy To Share

i also took some time to plan out the expressions for each sprite. i've really had to reel in my Comic Artist Tendencies bc otherwise i'd be drawing fifty gajillion different expressions LMAO

i should have all the expressions streamlined and planned out at this point! now i just gotta draw all the sprites, plus the background art and some CGs and stuff

(im also gonna try my hand making the music for this game. everyone please pray for me music theory is arcane and overwhelming)

i've made a little sprite progress! i still have a lot to draw, but it's exciting seeing everything slowly coming together

woag, it's like... almost a game........

that's all i've got to divulge this time! Slowly but Surely it is becoming real