FEB. 6 2024

still chipping away at the visual novel in the new year 💪

but first, a quick PC Issue Update for people keeping track: i've got good news and bad news! the good news is that replacing my CPU seems to have fixed my freezing/crashing issues for real now :3 genuinely a huge relief after failing to fix the issue by replacing my motherboard!!

the bad news is that an issue i thought was a part of the freezing/crashing package Apparently Is Not. occasionally my monitors will randomly lose signal, and the only way to fix that is to shut down my PC and start it back up. so! i got another fun thing to figure out <:3

but anyways! i got some quick bits of VN Development Progress to share!

i finished making the game's music! it's all pretty simple, and im sure anybody who knows anything about mixing music will be appalled at whatever sonic crimes i've unwittingly committed, but i did it! i made music with my own two hands and it was only extremely hard!!

for anyone curious, i used Cakewalk for creating the music. it's a free DAW (only available for Windows) and from what i can tell it seems to be pretty decent for free software??

learning how to make music on the computer might be one of the most overwhelming things in the world LMAO there's so much you gotta learn upfront before you can even put a simple little song together

making slow but steady progress on the art! here you can see me doing height checks on Manda's sprites (i've had to fix a Few wonky heights lmao). been working on the sprites, BGs, GUI, etc etc We Getting There

aaand that's it for now! i don't have an estimate for when the VN will come out since progress has been kinda slow, but i definitely wanna finish it sooner rather that later 😤 until next time!